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Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

  • 3942 days ago

Multimedia Interaction exam


It's 5:45am and i just finished my summary for the exam, its my first exam this semester, im excited/nervous. We are allow to bring one double sided A4 piece of paper into the exam, this is my summary A4 paper.

  • 3942 days ago

What I Learn Today #1


Dominatrix (n.) : A dominating woman (especially one who plays that role in a sadomasochistic sexual relationship).

  • 3941 days ago

Exams are over, time to celebrate!


I just done my Project Management and Practice exam today, im happy with my performance, i hope the marker agrees with me too :)Here are some snapshots i took on my way to the examination room - at the Mainquad and the Library.

  • 3939 days ago

24 Hours #1


Saturday. 09:00AM - Woke up, went out for breakfast with a friend, i ordered "Ngau Ping" - a Chinese delicacy consists of bull testicles and Chinese herbs (they say its an aphrodisiac, will turn you into a sex machine.. hmm.. delicious). 01:00PM - I went to a community seminar, the topic was about SARS. I met afew interesting new people, amongst them are two very smart and charming twin girls (see photos) both doing medical science. 02:30PM - After the seminar i took a brief browse through the Cabramatta market (this is the real image of Cabramatta, not the ones you see on the news). 03:00PM - Then over a friend house playing sport. 06:45PM - Went to see a movie with another group of friends, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Charlie's Angels 2 Movie Review - Another crappy movie getting rave reviews. Unbelievable. I feel like im watching a long 106mins marketing campaign, lots of nonsense. The action scenes are a total rip off from the Naked Weapon, with added Hollywood try-hard flavour. By the way, Naked Weapon rocks. If you are a shallow person; living a boring life; having nothing better to do than clinging onto celebrities, then this is the kind of movie for you. Sunday. 10:00AM - Gave dog a trim. 01:30PM - Heading out to the local recreational center for a game of squash with a couple of friends.

  • 3937 days ago

Packing for Brisbane


Here are the list of items im going to bring to this weekend trip to Brisbane, i travel lite. 4 t-shirts, 1 shirt, 1 jean, 1 short, 1 jumper, a pair of thongs, a pair of socks, 1 undie, 1 cap, a wallet with cash credit card, a toothbrush, a laptop and a digital camera.

  • 3936 days ago



Due to confidentiality reason names of subjects are omitted. Major issue discussed in the meeting today was how we can improve on the deliverables and timeliness for the Client. Due to lack of effort the current deadline on a Client has been extended, this is not a positive image to our business. However, the experience we learning from this Client will be a learning curve for future Clients. Among issues discussed during the meeting are communication between team members, so far we found that sending meno via email has proven unsuccessful, next step we will trying is using a groupware. Objective for the next meeting is for each team member to write up a proposal/plan for the operation which they are responsible for - namely to do with internal administration procedure. The next scheduled meeting is in two weeks time.

  • 3936 days ago

Dinner with friends


Enjoying dinner with some friends at Diem Hen cafe.

  • 3930 days ago

The Brisbane trip


The trip to Brisbane is great fun. Firstly i like to thanks the Brisbane gang for showing us around their beautiful city. It's true how they say 'Brisbane is beautiful one day perfect the next', because it was just that. A detailed document about the trip can be found here, many thanks to Robert Bui or as he better known on chat as Astroboy. Here are some kodak moments on my trip; photo are arranged in chronological order; all enlargement of these photos and more can be found here. Goodbye Sydney, hello Brisbane.. Bird-eye view from the plane. Accommodation for two nights at Oxley Motel Inn. Having breakie/lunch at Tanya's take away shop. Rocking Inala shopping center, also known as Brisbane's Little Saigon. Burn the dance floor at the Level 5 nightclub. Getting sands between our toes at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Lan, Joanna and Van pose in front of the Michelangelo's David statue. The scooter rides in Surfers Paradise, this was real fun! Its just like dirt biking, even more fun when accompany with friends. Time to cool down - eating steam-boats, arm wrestling, karaoke, get drunk and get wasted.

  • 3930 days ago

Deposit on a townhouse


I am happy to say I finally comes to a decision to buy an investment property. I had put the deposit on a 2 bedroom townhouse in Sydney. The property has newly renovated interior, new kitchen, air-con on both floors, new security system, 5-10 mins walk to shop, school and train station. The total cost mount to $230,000, including legal fees. I applied for a loan priciple of $180,000.

  • 3927 days ago

Fail a subject


Life always has its ups and downs. I got my exam results back today, I passed everything but failed the Project Management and Practice exam. Look like I have to do this subject again next semester since it is a core subject for my Business Management major. I guess I couldnt fully concentrate on my studies because I have other commitments such as work and purchasing of the townhouse. Being an eldest member of the family can be quite demanding, because you have always have to be a role model for your siblings. On top of that, being Asian means you have your parents on your back nagging you to get at least a bachelor degree. Luckily im still single, otherwise i wouldnt know how to cope with all these pressures. Guess its not always fun and games being me.

  • 3926 days ago

Interior photos of townhouse


This will could be my new home, the bank had approved the loan next step is doing the paper work. This week had been a busy one, no overtime work today so I got time to visit the new place and took some photos of the interior. It might not be the prettiest house in the block but it will do fine for me. I had a close inspection and everything are in good working order. Though, I have to replace the kitchen area because its out of fashion. Afew light switches also need to be replace, other than that I dont see anything else wrong with the property. Update: Deal ceased because the agent/seller raise the agreed price.

  • 3921 days ago

Meet Fredrika


Fredrika or better known as Fred, we are friends from years at university until now. I think she's cool, very artistic and active in the community. She is one of the main supporter/webmaster of the The Assyrian Australian Academic Society. I went over to Fred's place to do some website design for one of the client, her mum is cool, she gave me lots of sweets to eat. Assyrians' food is yummy. Due to confidentiality reason the client's name is omitted. The client requested that we use red blue in our design, any designer know red blue are two primary colour contrasted with each others. But its the client's requirement, after they are paying us. So we sketch afew concept designs, see below. Fred and I have good chemistry, we brings creativity.

  • 3920 days ago

Want to know your fate?


Part 1: The real me.. scottMagic Number17JobSerial KillerPersonalityMultipleTemperamentAn Oft-Exploding VolcanoSexualStraightLikely To WinTime Off For Good BehaviourMe - In A WordChinnyColourBrought to you by MemeJack Well hmm.. at least im still straight. Part 2: Want to know how your life ends? Happy Deathday!Your name:ScottYou will die on:Sunday, October 11, 2020You will die of:Electrocution Username: Created by Quill Look like i'm gonna die at the age of 41.. i always thought im gonna live to see my 100th birthday.. oh well, guess i going to Hell sooner then i expected. Life is full of suprises.

  • 3918 days ago

Dinner with friends


Eating Thai food at Newtown with a couple of friends. After eating we went to PassionFlower, Darling Harbour, for icecream and coffee to wash down the spicy taste in our mouth. The night is still young, some of us split and went to Cabra-vale club to listen to music and burn the dance floor.

  • 3918 days ago

Being single #2


Yup, im still single.. guess im not made of boyfriend material. There are alot of things happening in my life now. Life on the fast lane isnt what it hype up to be. What friends are for? I have a friend who i known for about 2 years now, at first i was just trying to being a nice guy and helping out this person financially. But lately i notice this person only call me once in awhile only when they needed to borrow money. First few times was okay, it's understandable that this person have a mortgage to pay and all. But it has becomes a monthly thing, i think this person is taking advantage of my good deeds. I received a call again 1-2 days ago, i had said no.. lets see whats their excuses for next month. The sooner i can get this person off my back the sooner i can go back to sponsoring Free The Children Int. My home is an Asset? Buying a first home is alot of hassle and heachache. I would recommend you do your homework well and shop around for at least 6 months before purchasing your dreamhome. Only fools rush in - I'm a fool. I realised now buying this property is my biggest liability. After including all the overhead cost and expenditure I will make a loss of at least $5,000 annual. * Hang my head in shame 404.php archive archive.php archive.rdf archive_rdf.xml archive-template.php archive.txt avatars.txt badgirl.txt bio.php bio.txt blogroll.txt data DOCUMENTATION.txt eblogroll.txt feed_blogml.xml feed_rss.xml FTP glossary.php hello.rb.cgi htaccess image index.php lib links.txt listing load.php load_v1.2.php lspic mb mood.php mystuff.txt news0.rdf news0.txt news1.rdf news1.txt news2.rdf news2.txt news.php news_rdf.xml news.shtml news.txt pfriday photo photofriday.php photofriday.txt quote.txt rdf_class.php reader.php replace ricebowljournal rsshtml.rb sb secrets.php shadow.php todo.php welcome.txt welcoming.txt There is a saying - failure is just one more step that you have to complete before you get successful. Lets hope the saying is right. As soon as the property market pick up again i'll sell this property to make a loss or break even. The girl next door. While having Thai food yesterday i had a chance to talk to Huynh Anh, the girl with the hat in the photo. We hang out together before, but never had a chance to talk. While driving her home we had great time talking to each others, we talk about daily life issues such as strategy on paying a mortgage; to issues of love and friendship. I feel really comfortable when im around her, like i can share everything on my mind. I goes: Would you marry the person she love or would she marry a person who love her?Her response were: She rather marry someone who loves her more than she love him. Because that man will always love her and be on her side. I find Huynh Anh extraordinary interesting and talented. They say - Dont look too far for a soulmate, she could be right in front and you dont even know it. Sometimes a long and lasting marriage startout with a friendship.

  • 3916 days ago

Slurpee fever


Slurpee fever had hit my workplace, or at least it made an impact on my daily life. 8 out of 10 guys at work have a cup of slurpy on their desk every night (reminds me of those sweet highschool years) - must be the sugar rush. Some day i just drink slurpies in replace of water. Everyday i would have one on my hand on the way home; its becoming a habit. My favourite is the Moutain Dew flavour - cause it gives you the buzzy after taste.

  • 3914 days ago

National Investment Institute Education Event


This year National Investment Institute Education Event is called invest4wealth. Location; Epping RSL Club. This is rather an interesting little seminar, the first half was relatively revision, nothing i didnt know before - residential property, commercial property, type of investment, loan, agent, capital gain, tax, market value, whole sale price, retail price, etc etc.. The second half of the seminar is where all the interesting bits get glued together. He talks about bank guarantee, deposit bond and equity lease. Which were all new and interesting concepts for me. I dont believe he's trying to sell me something, at least i hope not. He was talking about his own failure experiences with inveting on property and how from his mistake he becomes a sucessful investor, or so he claimed. For most of the second half he talked to us about his different strategies from buying a single home to multiple appartments. His view was objective, similar to a commentator. The valuable lesson i take from the seminar is how some people paying upfront for their financial education, ie. going to college or university to get a professional degree.. however, a professional doesnt necessary equal a wealthy life. Because the more that earn, the more they spent, and the more tax dollar they pay (and the Australian goverment say they are giving us a "fair go"). The other group is learn their investing skills through trial-n-error, which method works best is still debatable. Reflecting on myself i falls into both categories, i studied financial subjects to grab the concepts and then go out to the real world and buy a little property to understand the market reactions - it's not easy being in my shoe. After the seminar its time for work, yes, i still work on graveyard shift. Had myself a cup of 2 minutes instant noddle and a slurpee for dinner. The photos below are taken from the seminar room and from my workplace.

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